Paysalia: Carré des jardiniers Contest

Every two years, the Paysalia fair is held in Lyon for all landscape professionals. In this show is held the contest of theCarré des jardiniers, to elect the best “gardener” of the year, with a jury as varied as prestigious: Louis Benech and Jean Mus are part of it, among others. We were finalists in 2015, and a team of Grands Reportages filmed us for the occasion …

Canopées dans Grands Reportages

Petit souvenir: notre apparition dans Grands Reportages il y a deux ans, à l'occasion du concours du Carré des Jardiniers à Lyon, un sujet réalisé par Pierre Lascar.

Publiée par Canopées sur lundi 26 mars 2018

This competition was a great human experience between the “competing” landscapers and between our gardeners teams, but sometimes difficult in the objective to be reached (given the context and the deadline) and in the jury’s requirement. This adventure cost us a lot in terms of involvement (6 months of work), time (a week on site assembly, presentation and dismantling) and investment (several thousand euros) for a judgment finally a little expeditious, and sometimes with a little reality show spirit that we didn’t like so much … ;-(